Deconstructing Comfort

Why does the idea of Mac and Cheese make you feel warm inside? Do you crave Shepherd’s Pie at the end of a particularly hard day? Is a Banana Split exciting to you? It’s just food… or is it?
This series attempts to help you deconstruct the memories and emotions surrounding some of your favourite Comfort Foods.
Apple Pie and Ice Cream DCApplePieandIceCreamTdetail Banana Split DCBananaSplitTdetail Bangers and Mash DCBangersandMashTdetail
Breakfast DCBreakfastTdetail Chicken Noodle Soup DCChickenSoupTdetail Coffee DCCoffeeTdetail
Cookies and Milk DCCookiesandMilkTdetail Fish and Chips DCFishandChipsTdetail Grilled Cheese DCGrilledCheeseTdetail
Liver and Onions DCLiverandOnionsTdetail Macaroni and Cheese DCMacaroniandCheeseTdetail Peanut Butter and Jam DCPeanutButterandJamTdetail
Pork and Beans DCPorkandBeansTdetail Roast Beef Dinner DCRoastBeefDinnerTdetail Shepherds Pie DCShepherdsPieTdetail
Spaghetti and Meatballs DCSpaghettiandMeatballsTdetail